Traveling good companion – BMW special Garmin navigation device out of the box

Speaking of navigators , perhaps fewer and fewer people are using them now, because everyone can use their mobile phones to navigate. However, there are always some special circumstances. For example, if the mobile phone has no power, the network has no service, so the navigator must have his reason.

When it comes to civilian GPS, it is presumed that Garmin’s equipment is the best. Today, I am going to bring a BMW Motorrad VI that is not available for sale in China. This navigation is already the sixth generation product. It was released in mid-2017. Compared with the domestic version, it has just started to sell the fifth generation. The sixth generation has many upgrades.


Since it is a motorrad, as the name suggests, he is a custom-made product for BMW’s motorcycles, but in fact it can also switch to car mode. Let’s take a look at its appearance.

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