Lingdu streaming media dual lens center console navigation A818 simple out of the box evaluation

Your own car is the 2016 20T luxury model Buick New LaCrosse, which comes with a driving recorder.


Because of the factory driving recorder, it can’t stop monitoring, and there is no rear camera shooting. Just some time ago, I saw the news saying that I was chasing the porcelain. . . So when you take this opportunity, you are determined to buy one.

At first it was tangled to buy cheaper, buy a driving recorder, two or three hundred, or buy navigation streaming media. Later, when I thought about it in one step, I bought a traffic recorder with a streaming rearview mirror + navigation center console (PASS type of rearview mirror, because navigation is needed, it is not convenient to look up, it affects driving safety)

Compared with a lot of brands, I finally listened to my friend’s suggestion and chose Lingdu. . It is said to be the boss of the driving recorder, and does not know the true and false. . I bought this A818, the price is also suitable, the price should be quite high, there are some, choose the package five (subject to customer service advice), the actual hand is $200 including installation. (Installation is arranged by customer service)

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