Female driver’s self-redemption Baojun 510 plus 4G car navigation

Qualcomm eight core, 2G RAM + 32G ROM, 10 inch 720P screen, configuration is basically one of the best in the market. Powerful car voice control assistant, you can chat on WeChat, voice-activated navigation, car version of the high German map … (In fact, the most important thing is to know the boss who sells navigation)

This angle looks very sensational, dense heat sink fins

The back cover is a one-piece metal that is heavy in your hand.


10 inch large screen, a lot bigger than the original car, the visual effect is quite shocking


The important reason for installing 4G car navigation, navigation can be done with voice control.


Route planning can also be voiced


The intersection is automatically enlarged, so it will not go wrong.


Can also voice control WeChat, but unfortunately can not fight

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