2018 navigator and smart rear-view mirror purchase experience talk about the use of Avalat portable navigation device evaluation

On the 25th, I finally received the year-end award, which is a comfort to the purse. Under the blood, think of shopping, and then send an article back to the blood. Thanks to the aunt, thank you for the small value.

I wrote an article before and talked about my driving recorder that I have used for more than 5 years . (The driving recorder is still quite useful. After all, the bad guys are old~) Recently discovered the portable navigation device installed at the same time – Huafeng e Road LH980N also began to become some dementia. The LH980N upgrade resolution is 800×480, 5-inch resistive screen, single-core CPU, built-in 8G hard disk storage, cache is 128M, listed at the end of 2001, when I got the hand is 2012, when the online price was about $30.

This means that the navigation map in the built-in 8G memory can’t be updated, only the navigation data in the TF card can be updated; therefore, the navigation often takes me to the river, or the alley can’t get out.

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