Audi A4L modified shadow Android 8.8 inch navigation integrated machine

Before choosing the navigation machine, I did a lot of homework on the Internet, including the performance evaluation of the navigation, the function and whether it has any influence on the original car. After finishing these homework, I went to select the merchant. The standard for selecting the merchant is the machine. It must be good. How do you know if the machine is good before you get the machine? Look at the sales and the user’s real evaluation. 


The memory is 1+16G (this configuration is on the market), it is still smooth, I look at its voice control function, you are hungry, you can voice navigation nearby food store, the car is not oily, you can navigate nearby Station, where to go can directly navigate the past, can be high-speed priority, who wants to listen to the song directly, and these have been used by hand before, if you drive the car to operate these can not help but bring hidden dangers to driving safety. Now, these features can be implemented in one sentence.

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