End of selection difficulties – navigator / recorder comprehensive selection tutorial

Unconsciously over 30 years old, I have been mixing in the automotive electronics industry for seven or eight years. Thanks to the cultivation of the organization, I have experienced a lot of hardships from a young man who knows nothing, and finally grew into a ignorant middle aged……

  Gossip less, these years help friends who just bought a car to choose navigation or recorder, and help some elders buy car electronics, there are hundreds of seven or seven eight, and I have great health care, there are also I don’t think I bought a cheap one. If there is any problem, I will come to my after-sales…


  I find that many times people don’t know what they want and what they need to buy to meet their needs. For example, in many cases, it can be solved with only two or three hundred dollars. I have to spend more than 1,000 yuan and I am not satisfied with it. I also tried to find the whole thing and found that I couldn’t use it several times and throw it in the glove box. Gray  . This post is specially opened, and some of the experience of choosing a car product is written. If you can give a little inspiration to a friend who is ready to buy a car electronic device, it would be better.


Write the conclusion at the front:

  1. I think mobile navigation should be an emergency or low-frequency use. If you use the navigation function frequently, the phone can only be used as an alternative.
  2. The so-called HUD heads up, I think it has not entered the practical stage. The vibration and machine vibration of the car are not in one frequency, and will eventually cause dizziness and adverse reactions  in theuser . This is a dead knot in the aftermarket.
  3. The deviation of the standard ADAS lane departure warning on many products is almost a gimmick in my opinion. Because the recorders and rearview mirrors on the market currently have ADAS products, it is not clear whether you are changing lanes, turning or not. Be careful to press the line, always alarm, and it will be annoying.
  4. Many people don’t know the electronic dog and the fixed warning. The fixed warning is very simple. It is the traffic light at the intersection. It will be measured by any GPS-enabled machine. In my opinion, the radar tube that detects the mobile speed can be called electronic. dog. If you don’t run the national road often, especially in the south, you don’t need an electronic dog at all, because there are so many police uncles waiting for you to test you in the city~ you can run with confidence! I don’t know if I lose traffic! 

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