Bean Navigator car machine out of the box

A long time ago, I heard that there is a Dongchong crowdfunding Dongdong. One day I have nothing to do but to see, I saw a very fun car, known as the Android system, you can download the app, the car network, you can know you at any time. Where is the car? In short, it is to subvert the current world of car machine.

Looking at it is quite tempting, the price of the crowdfunding price of $300 is also very powerful, and I don’t even say that the brother first entered the stage to try the water.

    After a long wait and N times of jump tickets, it is quite complicated to say that this stuff is simple, that is, to deepen the customization system and to implement various functions to match the data protocols of various brands, so the jump ticket is normal. In short, in the last few days of 2015, I finally waited for my new car, it is not easy. Do not talk nonsense, the above picture first

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