09 Toyota Corolla car navigation installation record + navigation machine out of the box

Last year, 618 started the smart rearview mirror . In the process of using it, it encountered all kinds of wonderful problems. When we saw other people’s car navigation integrated machine , we regretted not having a large-screen car navigation.


This year, passes through iy, and instantly shines, big screen, smart, eight cores, records, reflections. Instantly hit my key, well, the shabu-shabu sells iron.

After talking with the customer service, I found that it is difficult to install, but it can save money. I always feel that I have no intention of installing it. I am sure (it is slightly over budget). After submitting the order, I studied the installation method of the navigation from the Internet. Because the degree of the mother was too much, I saw that it was already halo, but my heart was a little bit at the bottom, and I dismantled the original 24 hours before the machine arrived. Some car CD panel and CD on the air conditioning outlet 4 lamp panel, the next picture of a picture begins my disassembly and installation process, the writing is not good, try to write clearly for everyone, after summing up the installation process I summed it up a bit. Gossip less, open up. The box was opened in the second half of the article.

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