Smart phone navigation, phone call, car fault detection mobile phone bracket to understand – car radish

We all know that using a mobile phone while driving is dangerous. However, if you can’t find a way to drive, you must use mobile phone navigation. Sometimes important calls are required to be played. This will cause some behaviors that are very easy to cause traffic accidents. Recently, Jingdong Crowdfunding A car radish it and car radish car obd fault detector. It can not only be used as a mobile phone stand, but also can control navigation, call, car hazard detection, and HUD head-up display (provided you must have a second-generation youth HUD of their family)

Speaking of this, some people may say that mobile phones do not have Apple siri, small love students, can be directly voice control. I actually tested it, and when I set a password, the operation is cumbersome. Moreover, the speech recognition rate is low under noise, and I have used a lot of voice-controlled car products. I am quite satisfied with the car radish car products. So share the car radish it and car detector for your reference. 




he crowdfunding sent a car radish doll , in fact, there is already a car radish second generation exclusive version, in fact, little interest in it, the main purchase is the car radish car safety hidden danger detector.I is just by the way,  It is similar to siri design and has a voice assistant. Voice navigation, phone calls and other functions, built-in noise reduction. It allows you to drive while reducing the risk of hand-operated mobile phones.

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