Ready to use: ebay Amoy’s officially turned Garmin Garmin GPS 3597LMTHD navigation

The device comes with a interface, but unfortunately there is no input method, you can only use the smartlink software of the mobile phone to send the address through Bluetooth, no problem. 

    Because they travel a lot, they are renting a car. The rental price of a car rental company is extremely expensive, and generally one can buy one week to two weeks. Before the domestic bought a Garmin nuvi 50LM, not bad, the domestic map free upgrade. Foreign maps can be downloaded if you want to download them.

    Ebay’s recent concession, blowing his own hands can not listen. Just going to the US business trip, I am going to buy a GPS with traffic flow, the domestic real-name GPS is generally 1xxx-2xxx, Haitao can not be expensive, the plan to be a good, single and not expensive. Personally feel that the official turned over the value of the value, there are the following things: Garmin Garmin GPS 3597LMTHD navigation

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